The petite winter coat conundrum

So it’s cold outside, and I needed a new coat, and once again I faced a sad truth: there are few options that look good on women of rather small stature.

I am really perplexed about the trend of oversized coats for the last several seasons. I think I’m small and cute, but with an oversized coat, I just look like a cute little box. Or like a little girl that borrowed her granddad’s coat (when I wear my granddad’s coat, I don’t look incredible. Which is a shame, because there is an incredible Red Army one. WHATEVER, I’m loosing track of what I wanted to discuss ^^)

So, winter is hell. For fall though, I am happy with 60s-inspired wool coat options.

I have this Tara Jarmon baby that I bought second-hand on Ebay:


(sorry for the bad quality of the pics, I don’t own a camera and can’t borrow one at the moment, that’s why I usually don’t post any photos…)

Kate Middleton wears Tara Jarmon coats by the way, that’s one more reason for me to adopt them!
So these structured wool ones look good with my body type (in my opinion).

But when it gets really cold, they are just not warm enough (and I don’t own a car, so I walk and cycle a lot). So I have to possess some other coat for winter. And usually, I’m happy that my winter coat option keeps me warm, but I’m not feeling  confident from how I look in it; it’s just utilitarian.

With my small frame, padded jackets or parka-type coats tend to make me double in volume; I just feel eaten by them. So usually, I don’t find them very pretty or elegant on me. I’m a petite teaching assistant, and typically, when I arrive to the university with a parka on, people mistake me for a student. For some reason, I just look smaller and younger in this type of coats.

The thing is, outside of parkas you tend to have mostly animal options (plus faux fur, but cheap faux fur looks gross to me, and I’ve not found anything of the right shape for me made of nice faux fur). But I have vegan tendencies. However, when I want clothes or accessories made of animal materials, I’m okay with buying vintage stuff. By the way, if a real vegan reads me, I would love to hear what you think of that, because I’m kind of a newbie to vegan ideas. I thought that buying new stuff encourages firms to make more of them, but buying vintage stuff doesn’t (and if the animal was killed 30 years ago, it doesn’t make any difference not to wear the garment… I think?). I’m an advocate for second hand shopping anyway: it’s better for the environment, and cheaper.

So this year I looked for a LONG LONG time on ebay and I found THIS beauty from the 70s:


Bingo!! It looks really warm, the material is pretty thick (I think it’s real leather and faux fur), AND it’s fitted from the shoulders to the waist, which is essential for me so that the silhouette looks cute (and I don’t look eaten by the coat).
I think it really shows that it’s from the 1970s, reminds me vaguely of YSL’s “Russian” winter 1976 collection.
It’s been shipped and I’m waiting for the delivery, I hope I’ll pull this strong look off (usually I’m not afraid of vintage/retro, it’s just that I tend to be inspired more by the 1960s than the 1970s).

Still figuring out what accessories to wear with it though!! I will need some headwear, but for now I can only think of options that would either not go with the coat, or be too 1970s-literal.


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